Dental Services

General Dentistry for Adults and Children:

Comprehensive examination with an intraoral camera and digital radiographs (less radiation and more accurate than traditional x-rays)
Deep Cleaning
Tooth Color Fillings
Cosmetic Veneers and Jackets
Crowns and Bridges
Root Canal Therapy
Implant Restorations
Dentures and Partials

Complimentary Evaluation
Braces (clear or mini braces)
Invisalign (alignment w/o braces)
Pano and Ceph x-ray on site

Comprehensive evaluation of gum and bone (supporting structures of teeth)
Gum treatment (surgical and non surgical)
Treatment of bad Breath
Treatment of receding gums by grafts
Regeneration of bone and gum to save teeth
Implants to replace missing teeth
Maintance program to prevent gum and bone problems
Oral Surgery

Removal of wisdom teeth
Biopsy and evaluation of oral lesions
Preparation of jaws for prosthetics
All Surgical procedures in the oral cavity

Root Canal Therapy
Retreatment of Failed Root Canals

All aspects of dentistry for children