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  • Looking for experience?
  • Looking for a professional team, you can trust?
  • Have fear of going to the dentist?
  • Don’t have dental insurance or would like to make monthly payments for treatment cost?
  • Need evening or Saturday appointments?
  • Do you tend to hide your smile because of the way your teeth look?

You can stop searching!  Give our office a chance to provide you with great quality and affordable dental care at your convenience.  Call (323) 724-9536 today to book your appointment.

Educating our patients about their dental needs is our first priority.  Sharing our knowledge with our patients with the help of the latest technology in a calm and comfortable setting is the first step in creating a pleasant experience.  On your first visit you will have a thorough examination utilizing digital x-rays and intraoral camera.  This device projects a magnified image from inside your mouth onto a t.v. monitor.  This followed by a detailed explanation of the findings, will make you very clear about your dental condition.

Smiles can last a lifetime with the proper care that they deserve.  Our practice is here to make sure those smiles stay beautiful and healthy throughout life.

You deserve to smile with pride, and feel confident that you’re being admired.  A nice smile and fresh breath are powerful tools in every relationship.  It is an important reflection of you on family, friends, co-workers and everyone you come in contact with.

At Dr. David’s Family Dentistry, our highly educated and trained professional staff and expert dentists can help you have a great smile and have fresh breath.  Our caring and compassionate staff will treat you with the respect that you deserve, and we strive to make you feel comfortable as we work to achieve your dental goals.  We will also make every effort to make your treatment affordable, in fact, these values are the foundation of our practice, as well.

We also speak Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Persian, and Korean.

We’re proud to have served patients in our community for over 20 years.

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Monday 9-7, Tuesday 10-7, Wednesday 10-7 , Thursday 10-7, Friday 9-7, Saturday 8-4:30


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