Wisdom Teeth Extraction (Removal), Montebello, CA

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Wisdom teeth are a frequent source of problems for many people. The biggest reason for problems is that there isn't enough room for them to erupt into the arch normally. They may also want to come in sideways. This causes them to become impacted, which means that they are impeded from normal eruption.

When they don't erupt normally, our advice is to have them removed at your earliest convenience. Some people put this off, thinking that if their wisdom teeth aren't bothering them, that they should leave them alone. The reason this is unwise is that complications from wisdom tooth surgery greatly increase the older you get. If you wait until they bother you, the extractions will be very difficult with serious risks of complications. If, however, they can be removed in the late teens or early twenties, complications are much milder and less likely to occur.

Also, when they do start to bother you, wisdom teeth can be a source of serious, even life-threatening infections that can swell to close off your breathing or can spread to your brain. Why take those chances when wisdom tooth removal at a young age is such a routine procedure?