Digital X-Rays:

- 50% less radiation than the film technology
- Instant results
- More accurate for better diagnosis
- The most advanced dental radiology

Intra-oral Camera

A device that displays a magnified image from inside your mouth onto a t.v. monitor allowing you to see any areas of concern for yourself so that you can make an informed decision about your treatment.


Panoramic x-ray makes a complete half circle from ear to ear to produce a two dimensional representation of all your teeth and your jaw bones. This x-ray film is very helpful in visualizing the wisdom teeth as well as determining the thickness of jaw bone, available for implant placement. It’s also very important diagnostic tool in orthodontic treatment planning.

Ceph Machine

Cephalometric x-ray also known as ceph, is a diagnostic radiograph used primarily for orthodontic treatment planning. Once developed, tracing is done to calculate how the patients’ jaw and surrounding bone will be affected by orthodontic treatment. It also provides us with a look into the growth pattern of the jaw and teeth.